Future Global Vison Inc.

Welcome to Future Global Vision

Future Global Vision Inc. is a commodity and green fuel technology network distribution company headquartered in Nevada, USA. We are 100% committed to making a positive contribution to our families, neighbors and planet for generations to come with our various technologies. Starting today, thanks to advanced research and science, we will be able to keep our promises. We literally can help many families around the world in achieving a better quality of life through our technologies in the field of nutraceutical as well as to convert almost any automobile in the world from a smog emitting monster to a green, energy burning machine with the EF-TABS™. Together, we can make the difference for our children's children while saving money on our fuel cost every month.

Why Should You Try The EF-TABS™?

The EF-TABS™ additive is the first unique multi-functional, crystallized liquid nanotechnology fuel enhancer on the market today that comes in a simple pill form. In layman's terms, we take our 3x strength fuel catalyst in liquid form and crystallize it. When the liquid is completely crystallized we break it up into a smaller particle called a nano. We then press the liquid crystal together and shape it into tablets called EF-TABS™. Each tab is so powerful it can treat 24 gallons of fossil fuel and is 100% approved for use in vehicles and is safe for the environment.

When added to fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, E85, Ethanol blends or bio-fuels), the EF-TABS™ immediately transforms into high-performance nanotechnology enhanced fuel to improve fuel economy, increase engine power, reduce harmful emissions and clean combustion chamber deposits. In order to experience maximum results, a conditioning period of 4 - 5 fuel tanks must be completed. The percentages of the results such as more mileage per gallons may vary depending on the condition of the car, driving behavior, and driving conditions.

What is EF-TABS™

EF-TABS™ is a highly concentrated fuel additive utilizing a high-tech crystallized liquid organometallic nanotechnology. Inside the fuel tank, EF-TABS™ builds an exceptionally stable three dimensional lattice structure consisting of sub-microscopic nano-clusters, all evenly distributed within the fuel. These EF-TABS™ nano-clusters are physically, chemically, or catalytically active depending on the stage of the combustion cycle.

When EF-TABS™ nano-clusters reach the engine and begin to burn in the combustion chamber, they rapidly gain heat and literally explode into steam. These steam explosions generate two very significant benefits:

  1. Larger liquid fuel droplets are broken down into smaller and more readily vaporized sizes.
  2. Increased turbulence improves localized mixing of air/fuel vapor.

When exploding nano-clusters reach the surfaces of the engine combustion chambers, they create a very gentle steam cleaning action that steadily removes any accumulated deposits. A clean combustion chamber gives cooler combustion, lower emissions, cleaner lubricating oil, and reduced engine octane requirement.

Feel The Increase in Power and Acceleration

Turn the regular fuel in your car into a green fuel energy source within minutes.

Save gas in your the next 3 tank of gas!

Easy to use, 100% Effective and 100% Safe for any vehicle and for the environment.

Clean air makes a better environment!

Increase Performance, MPG and Lower harmful emissions.

Save money on Fuel

Works on all type of gasoline, E85,diesel and biodiesel.